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Key Person

Each child will have a key person at Playmates which changes as they move rooms. This is a designated member of staff that your child will spend the majority of the time with, whilst also being encouraged to build positive relationships with all other members of nursery staff.

Your child’s key person is responsible for monitoring your child’s progress throughout their time at the nursery, as well as maintaining your child’s Learning Journey. We believe that the relationships between parents and nursery staff are of utmost importance to ensure your child’s happiness and that continuity between home and nursery can be best achieved through regular communications. We encourage the parents to share the interests of the children have outside of the nursery and supply us with photographs we can add to their Learning Journal. You’re informed of your child’s key person and we invite parents to meet them and discuss their Learning Journals.

Staff are available throughout the day to share information with you. However, there are other forms of communication such as:

  • Optional meetings with your child’s key person who will inform you about their progress
  • Termly learning development sheets that parents can comment on regarding their child’s development
  • Regular newsletters
  • Committee Meetings
  • Parent Information Board

Baby Room

Our Baby Room can take babies from 3 months old to 2 years. Our great staff will make sure your baby feels safe and nurtured during their time at Playmates. To help with this, we encourage you to join us for some settling in sessions.

The room has been designed to help your baby settle into nursery in a relaxed environment. Activities are carefully planned to suit their development and keep inquisitive minds and hands busy.

We have a seperate quiet area where the children can sleep. We aim to establish a great relationship with the parents and continue to be guided by your routine.

Parents are given an early years diary and we will record what your child has done with us that day.

When your child is ready to move up to our Toddler room, we make sure they have visits to the room so they are ready for the next stage where a whole new experience awaits. In our outside area there is a safe crawl area for the babies to explore.

Toddler Room

The toddler room takes children from 2 to 3 years and has lots of areas to keep them busy including both educational and fun activities. There is plenty to explore and materials for painting and craft to allow them to be creative. We tailor our activities to suit each child’s own development.

As part of their day they have time outside in our outdoor play area, where they can ride the bikes or help with the fruit and herb garden in the Summer. When our children start in the toddler room, they start their Learning Journal with their key person, which is used to make observations and trace development. This is always available for the parents to look through and comment.

Pre-school Room

As children move to our pre-school room they will take part in more focused activities to prepare them for the transition to primary school. Skills learnt from activities such as role play, simple number work, alphabet, reading, writing and creative activities will encourage the children to develop different skills. We develop their independence from putting on their own coats to helping prepare snacks and communication with their peers by working in groups and child-initiated activities.

As they approach their time to go to school, the children will visit their primary schools for familiarisation days.